i just want you to know
i wish you lived in texas,

i wish right next to me so

you could be my punk rock indie princess
with bangles stacked on your wrists

jingle belling your way to me

on bare feet

with sparkly painted toenails
spangles on your cheeks and star stickers

i wish you lived in texas
with me and my mother

she’d stare at you for a minute
at the flowers on your skirt,

and the way your hair makes you look not quite human

but she’d make us breakfast in the afternoon
and tell us not to make too much noise while she naps before work

you’d say ‘your mother is a mountain’

i would admire your way with words

and we’d grab our bathing suits, towels and iPods

(it’s impossible to go without music)

and race into the broiling texas days untouched,
because we’re so fucking cool


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