body by nature

i scorned this temple once
for its walls not made of that marble i desired
its stones the wrong color,
its acoustics’ sour notes rung thrice daily
in the chapel upstairs;

come a summer sunset,
i found myself locked in and now,
wandering flagstone floors
with steps which echo a hallowed song
through these hollow halls,
i find myself bewitched, bewildered:

whose masonry this, i want to know–
whose craftsmanship? what carpenter’s hands
curved these corners which capture my consciousness,
set it writhing in wonder and restless wild wanton longing,
my own whirling dervishself careening on tiptoe
through these halls unable to stop?

i scorned this temple once–
now i am lost in it,
and await with delicious anticipation
every twist of its corridors;
if you come for me,
don’t rescue me too quickly.


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