hey boy

hey you– hey sunup lover,
hey fingertips on brown sugar skin in gray dawn
stroking soft and slow and light
like sheets dragged gentle across my back,
when you gonna come to me?
when you gonna leave your moonperch
and follow me here to the daytime–
when you gonna follow me?

hey you. hey sunup lover.
every day this week i been waitin agonizin moanin
with the lack of your touch–
i been rollin in these sheets, sunup lover,
i been actin a fool with my hands between my thighs
mumblin your name in my pillows–
(as if they would answer me)

and you nowhere to be found
when the first rays dip their hands
into the wells of my pillowcase
sheets and the dips in my hips
and my spine and my knees–

sunup lover, you should be drinkin from these pools.
you oughta be drunk on me, sunup lover,
mumblin sickly sweet nothings through pot smoke
(sendin me signals beneath heavy damask curtain eyelids
with fairies dancin between your lashes),
you oughta be high off my exhalations.

but you ain’t here.

hey sunup lover,
when you gonna come back?
when you gonna come to me?


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