to someone, anyone

like watercolor clouds in ocean skies,
affection clouding vision in fogged lenses
resting crookedly on a button nose:
gunpowder eyes aglaze with memory.

long shadows undulating across ground,
colored the smoky blue of mountain ranges–
time’s passage, unbearable as water droplets
on a furrowed brow.

i need you so bad–
stop it.

i am a premier danseur, high en pointe,
careening between these ties
tracing an obstacle course
through avenues cryptic angst:

i want you–
stop it.

this is war; i love it/i hate it.

i love you/i hate you.

parry: a threat
(i save myself for someone else’s sweet caress)

riposte (stop it.)

stop this madness. i want you.

stop it.

my skin aches for your fingers;
pick me up now.
i need you so bad,
hurt blooming ripe and succulent
as peaches furred and misty
in morning light, awaiting the fresh brand
of your angry teeth
tearing into flesh.

love me, i beg of you.
touch me. i need you.
i need you.



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