drunk dialing

you have 5 new messages. Play all?


1. it still makes me feel vulnerable to realize that of all people
i am rubber cement-bonded to you by mutual obsession.
you gave me a song from anberlin’s newest album.
i told you i was scared to listen
in case they had changed too much and i’d lose faith in them.
you smiled and guided my hand toward Play.


lambrusco’s bite holds not even the sliver of a wax taper
to a moscato kiss,
but i am desperate tonight and its red lips are already open
while moscato ponders how fast we’re moving.
i can already feel the deep blush of lambrusco as i whisper in his ear.

2. you ache for things as if you are poor in merit
when in truth what you deserve outsizes even the stars.
i secretly think i pulled you down from the cloth of the sky
to dress myself in your love,
and now you cling so softly to me that
your embrace is almost indistinguishable
from the whisper of your yearning skin
for other caresses.

– beep –

lambrusco, lambrusco; you are such a naughty boy,
see how you trickle down my throat?
moscato trailed the slope of my breast much the same way,
and i cannot shiver for you like i shuddered for him.

3. your desires will suffocate you
if you do not allow them room to breathe.
close your eyes and let go, baby–
i promise someone will catch you,
but only if you lean back far enough.

– beep –

oh, sour-tongued lambrusco,
look what you’ve done to my dress!
never mind; if you keep touching me that way,
i think i could forgive you anything.

4. we were never meant to be,
but we were destined to exist.


…oh, god…

5. i wish i could be as silent
and glistening,
as shiny bright and cold
as the ice on your shoulder.


please, one more time

end of messages. Replay?


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