fille druqks

when i close my eyes i dream of ecstasy kisses:
the faintest suggestion of fingertips slow and sensuous
tracing the edges of my pores so that they gape open wide,
hungry to suck,
to become black holes to which pleasure gravitates
(none of those DARE classes mentioned the beauty and quite frankly,
i think they keep secrets so they can keep the drugs.)

i dream of staccato singsong headrushes
brought on by bright blazes of snow on glass tables,
inhaling ice till i’m diamond hard and frozen in the shape of flakes:
shifting, changing, evolving only to melt and

down the walls of my nasal cavity.

i am a glass prince in a house of jeweled cards.

when i close my eyes,
i dream thick syrup reveries of sleek-coated ponies:
one white, one black,
glistening in the glow of philosophical idea-bulb lights
strung around the ceiling of the chamber behind my eyes,

snorting so sugar crystal-steam floats glittering from widened nostrils:

there are saddles on the wall.

when i close my eyes,

i dream of kisses,
of flying and pony rides
(like any other little girl).


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