i thought you should know:
i fucking hate youtube,
but i click every link you post.

and you should know that my attention
is rarely kept for long and that’s why
i don’t watch videos anymore; maybe
it’s a symptom of the times and the technology
but i like to think of it as being hard to please;
i listen to every single song you suggest,
from start to finish

and then i sit there to let it sink in
and sometimes i listen to it again.
i close my eyes and let it move over me
and imagine you doing the same thing,
being so buffeted and whipped and cradled
by the currents of these sounds
that you had to share them with the rest of the world,
including me.

sharing music, to me, is just like
what it meant in ireland a jillion years ago
to share an apple with a young girl.
(if you don’t understand that you might want to google it.)

and i just wanted to thank you for it–
for loving everyone, including me, enough for the moment
to send us three and five and ten minutes of yourself.

i’ll keep them close, and any time i want to know more about you
i’ll listen to them again and mouth the words
as if i’m pressing kisses into your skin,
so that i’ll sleep with your taste in music on my lips,
and your love held in the shells of my ears.


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