i keep trying
to walk alone
your lips near my ear:
“please don’t go.”

i keep trying
to pull away
your hand on my arm:
“i’m begging you. stay.”

i keep trying
to take wing, to fly
your breath on the wind–
“if you leave, i’ll cry.”

this thread is taut,
is worn and thin;
keep pulling me close,
but you won’t let me in.

creep toward you in darkness,
reach for you by day
by dusk you seem closer,
by dawn far away.

i keep trying
to find a map;
i’m tripping and slipping
and falling in traps,

trying to find my way out.

and i search,
though i know not
what you want me to find:
“if you think i’ll let you go,
then you’re out of your mind.”


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