ohplease, i need yesgodyes

my skin is redolent of you:
of soapy water splashing skeins of creamed coffee and
a touch of saffron satin,
scars slick with froth and steamed like car windows as your hands smoothed the angular planes
shaped the lines of my bones into yielding curves widening,
tightening and pulsing waves of feeling and unshed thoughts
toward your core (my core)

i remember.
i surrender.

tahitian vanilla: even its name says your face to me.
exotic, erotic, something new and uncharted
on the maps of our veins intertwined and the bliss bleeding through
to stain the water in flushing clouds
i inhale with closed eyes

i remember,
i surrender to sighs and dim lighting and dark ceilings
made phosphorescent by my wide eyes,

the taste of your fingertip between my teeth–
whorls of pleasure from your prints pressed to my tongue.

i remember.
i surrender,

my skin is redolent of you.
my pulse recalls your kiss in arcing lines and strangled cries, unraveling against blue porcelain over and over again

i remember.
i surrender.

i miss you


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