on a picnic table in the park

there came a singular occasion in which sir
and boy happened on a sunset crimson, upon a park,
and feeling flush in himself sir said not words
but taking boy’s hand he tugged he gently pulled him
(force is not romance except in fantasies) toward a picnic table;

and boy began to speak question marks sparkling above his head, what-
sir touched a finger to his boy’s full lips.
his eyes glowed coal.
and so kisses were traded, a barter of yes for a heart
sir set boy upon the tabletop.
he peeled away boy’s outer skin- piece by ragged breath piece
(boy was sure he had breath lost)
and standing bare boy gave his trusting in a secret sort of look;

[sir did not undress but]
zippers growled softly and sir said yes?
with his hands and boy said yes. with his eyes, closing them tightly…
he inhaled sir and oh…
sir felt himself swallowed deep in flesh pleats singing
for the moment they were a chorus of ohh…
and yes-
-and god, heard his hail mary name JESUS CHRIST boy prayed with his mouth wide shut
he gritted his teeth sir gritted his lids with breathy kisses and melted sighs oh, please-
hold.me.tight I-I-I

exploded again


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