whoever said cheaters never prosper didn’t tell the whole truth

it’s not because we want to
not because we need to,
it’s not that we have to–
it’s simply that we do;

there’s no premeditation,
no moment’s hesitation,
granted, consideration is sorely lacking, too–

you may not understand this,
not keen to lend forgiveness,
but trust me when i say this:
we honestly love you.

this is nothing to do with love,
there’s nothing that we’re thinking of–
in fact, it’s almost an afterthought,
until the moment after:

the moment you open the door,
and one of us cries out for more
you’re frozen. speechless. no encore
is needed in this disaster.

the only thing left now to do
is take the time to decide if you
believe that time can mend this–
or is it time to end this?

this is where we beg (beg)
this is when we cry (cry)
“without you life is meaningless;
without you I will die.”

your broken heart,
your broken home.
your broken dreams.
what’s left to hold?

(faith, faith, faith)

now the hand (the cock) has dealt its blow
shaken today, faint tomorrow–
do you believe? where do you go
from here?

do you forgive? (never forget)
and do you love? (so much regret)
but more than anything: can you go through this again,
or will you leave?


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