keine Kinder hier

sir, he says, sir–
sir looks at him he says what do you want boy
boy says can i ask you something and sir says what do you want boy?

if i asked you to
……….boy hesitates, dot. dot. dot.
his heart is like wind in his ears, where did his pulse go?
he doesn’t remember. are those stars?

& silence, and breath,
& the iron clattering to the ground taste of tension
in mouths long used to silence.

well come on boy sir says, i ain’t got all day i got somewhere to go don’t waste my fuckin time, boy–

and boy’s eyes, these bright eyes like shivering quartz in the sidewalk beneath their feet suddenly sting very much he looks up and he says sir–
sir, if i asked…if i asked you to hold my hand…

(he’s whispering) would you…?

sir is very still.
sir is very quiet.
sir is very
(sir is actually the same age as boy but he never calls him by his name he calls him sir because sir doesn’t have a cock. sir makes sir feel like a real man.)
sir says, boy
boy says sir?

sir sticks out a very rough and time-worn hand and he says…

he says…

why the hell didn’t you ask me sooner?


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