life will have its way

i am thinking of tears:
dripping, sliding,
slipping across the planes,
down the hills and mountains,
valleys ridges that form your (canvas) face;
i am thinking of tears.

i am thinking of tears, wrung from footprints
at the corners of your glittering eyes because
my oh god it hurts so good yes
(one tear; three tears, fuck an apres moi this is pendant nous)
body aches so beautiful there are creases and folds i never knew
could sting so softly–
knuckles against your crooked teeth, whistlin’ Dixie through the gaps:
you know that’s the real reason i didn’t want you to get braces.
i enjoy that sound too much to fuck it up with wires i’m not winding around your wrists.

i am thinking of tears,
marking a path as you crawl across the satin to me with lowered head (you fool,
kings and queens only exist Somewhere Else in this democra(p)cy)
and sobs held tight against your larynx–
saving them just for me, my baby, pressed to your throat
in tight ambition of the moment when my fingers will find your triggers
and press all at once so you explode in lachrymal poetry/shrieked word.

i am thinking of tears.
i want to taste your tears;
i want to cause your tears.
want to be your tears–
i want you hurting because of me.

i am thinking of tears/dreaming of tears/fantasizing, cumming tears.

(anything so long as you’re crying for me and no one else.)


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