Marcial: The Icarus Complex

the sun reminds me of you.
that is not to say that you light up my life– good god, no.
if anything you darken my doorstep, and blind me,
but you are like the sun: bold, bright and blazing
visible to everyone and flaunting your warm honey nakedness;
taunting, teasing, coaxing,
pleasing, beckoning– and utterly out of reach
(we all recall Icarus’ valiant attempt to answer you, love.
we have not forgotten).

far away;
casting shadows upon all that i thought i knew,
proving me wrong again and again, and oh I hate you for it.
(why the hellcan’t you let me rest in ignorance,
wrapped inside my nightfall?)

You piss me off–
you, the walking Helios
forever just beyond my insults,
my breathing praise,
my feeling
and burning me from the outside inward all the while.


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