it was a time of roses drained violet,
bodies drained violent–

it was a time of stained linen napkins on runny white faces
and semen on the backs of hands
pressed to seething mouths;

a time of whipped cream dreams,
whipped creaming dreamers–
strawberries, chocolate,
vanilla cinnamon and caramel skin
(there were so many flavors.)

It was a time of Gemini sexualities
fraught with desperate crimson sprinkles:
of stolen kisses
of stolen sex,
of stolen love
forbidden lust that hurt your heart–

it was a time when cocks met cocks
devoured cocks
empowered cocks–when all that was left of
I want you
I need you
I love you
(such dangerous words)

was cum on lips and the taste of a passion
so fierce, a love so deep,
a life so well-hidden that
it fucking killed you inside

it was the time of us.


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