i just wanted you to know

you are the song without lyrics
which in fumbling for my keys
in my sexy leather coat that’s actually too thin to protect me much
i hum to keep patience on the brain;

i hum i hum hum hum de dum in the shower,
tap dancing on green tiles
that are always a little dirty; hm

you’re the song i hum on the way to the bus in the morning
half asleep and oh my god not school it’s too early

that i hum while i jump around struggling with stubborn zippers;
washing the dishes,
folding the laundry.

you are always at the back of my throat

skating along my tongue to my lips
where they tremble in anticipation of the next note
(such sweet words without letters!)

you trip along my teeth, tic-tic click
i am the drums;

together we make a melody
and i am forever dancing to the rhythm.


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