sometimes wishes are just that

you are a tight-furled bud
emitting charged molecules
of pheromone perfume and naivete
encased in memorystone

chipped ice on shoulders
and hard beauty held in check
between steady hands
before eyes like amber,
innocence petrified
in the depths of opals.

honesty goes no further than refraction.

behind liquid crystal fences
within heart fortresses built to outlast familial ties
wound about heads and ankles
i am the epitome of espionage,
a one-man audience to displays of premature manipulation
and masochism, prescient sadism and the deaths of stupid mothboys
drawn in heavy ink to the cinnamon warmth of you.

i am older than you,
supposedly smarter
and completely incapable of predicting
whether you will weaken and fall into your own web
or walk the male race into willing slavery.

i fear the price of your captives
i fear the cost of your complacence

i want my little sister back.


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