i was never good at saying please (a petition to you)

lend me your love
i ask a loan because
of course you have to take it back

you’re one of those people everyone needs a part of
i’ll give you the house i built around myself
and all of my favorite music
as collateral

or maybe we could work out a sort of rent-to-own thing
i lapse fairly often when it comes to deadlines but
you can trust me, i swear

let me borrow the coolness against my cheek
surrounding the warm impression
of your head on the same pillow
just for a few weeks,
maybe a year

i have enough faults to supply interest,
even if it goes up yearly
i swear

this is a petition to you for a grant of your affection
it’s pending approval and i’m getting impatient

fuck this
love me or i’ll burn down your ribcage
and steal your heart for myself.


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