that’s why i’m looking at you like that

i want to play cat’s cradle with the threads
of the fabric of your mind
twine them round my fingers, netted across my palms
and pull tight, till your spine curved
i’d make an ampersand of your will
and put it up against my intentions:
want & have
fuck & own
you & mine.

i want to make a voodoo doll
of your longing &
shove my nails into the wax
until they met in the middle and your spine broke
rendering you paralyzed,
crippled by your need to belong
to be owned

i want to yank you on silver strings to my feet
i’d raise my right fist so that you shot to your knees
and jerk my left underhand so your chin smacked the ground
i’d lift both arms until you were on your feet
and say kiss me, i want to taste you
you would smile through the drip from your nose and mouth
and kiss me till your soul clung to my uvula
& then i’d spit it in your face.

i want to wrap you around my finger
and curl it. i want to tattoo your flesh
with my anger. i want to pierce your lip
with my need, to score your tongue
with my longing.

i would say, all you must do is say yes
but what your lips form doesn’t matter anymore
unless it’s please
so hand me the rope, bend forward
and kiss the floor goodnight


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