ratty russian rapper (a theory on thievery)

i siphoned the sensation of someone else’s touch
from your fingers, laying beneath you
on (a different) someone else’s sheets
you gave me someone else’s smile and i gave you
a sigh that belonged to no one;

it was monday. it was cold, and it rained and
the world turned green and smoked blues and
we wrapped around someone else’s tree and traded kisses
for the cadence of pleasured hearts–

i used my teeth to tattoo your flesh with my name
so your someone else would know someone else
had claimed her someone

you used your nails to mark my flesh so
everyone would see that someone wanted me.

it was monday, cold, raining green and blue
and i trembled in prayer atop dead leaves
to the desire in your eyes, tracing with my tongue
that tooth tattoo i made and i wanted to cry
when i heard you sigh like i had just discovered
your deepest secret and used it to stroke your skin.

cold raining monday: someone else’s someone
and me in someone’s soaked forest,
you made me a catalyst to chaos,
you moaned and i shuddered
we went home and my skin ached in your absence.

saturday wee hours, cold, dry and clear
i am on the bedroom floor alone in red fleece feeties
and i cannot remember your face.


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