bright cold mornings, wind-whipped, wild
and golden are great favorites of the earth people
they are people of immense sense(uality) and
they make love

to soundtracks of sad songs
that crush hearts as they crush bodies
between skin and sheets, to kiss
in the soothing warmth of laundry rooms at night/noon
they whisper bittersweet somethings and swear words
into ears and other orifices, into creases of skin,
into folds of blankets
and cracks in scratched walls, they tell stories of pain
of pleasure and they tell secrets

these earth people are purveyors of propinquity
and poignance; their sex is sacred and yes,
you want to protest that the world does not revolve around sex–
but it does. because everything is sex in some form, music
your favorite film–
it’s all sex and really i think
these earth people are so much smarter than we are


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