four eleven

four eleven: you put your lips to my ear &
you slipped your finger
in between my ulna and radius- you know
that pretzel twist (not knot) naughty place,
tracing to my carpals & you said
you whispered let me show you
& i whispered please yes
you pushed your mouth into my palm
gave it a kiss like the orgasm
of sweeping a bare foot across morning grass,
moved close & you opened
your mouth your eyes yourself & under the sensuality of your hurt
i i i cracked
i could hear me whistling in tune through the cracks, i whimpered
but you kept pushing
& i cried out oh god i can’t i can’t i
but you shoved & i br i br i br
shatterered, too much, so much, fuck
fuckfuckfuckfuckFUCK broken,
you kissed my forehead & said there,
now you know
& i all warped bone shaking sighed,
music was made for this


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