this is how i miss you tonight

the scent of my skin is intoxicating
and you aren’t here to know for yourself,
but i will tell you of it when next i lay eyes upon you.
know this.
i will slip my arms about your waist, pull you close by your shirt
until you relent and crush me into your chest
as though i belong there for the moment;
i will push my face into the startling pallor of your flesh to taste,
flick my tongue to season and to savor
and so sense all the flavors of what remains unspoken–
that thing, the shape that forms loose and unstable between us
only to disintegrate with relief at each parting.

i will grip you as though you are mine as your nails dig into my hips,
my neck, my back, my shoulders
(that someone could appreciate the sweeps of dull hard wingcurve
beneath this abundant flesh,
i remain amazed)
i will breathe again my longing into your breath;

i will struggle not to write upon your fingertips
and beg you wordless for what i want until it is there,
until i am full of you and you are surrounded by me and we are senseless for a time
(i will not apologize for the force with which i will pull at your curls
or the nakedness of my fright that pushes my head from side to side)

in the night, in the day, in the afternoon
you will sleep with the scent of my skin which so fascinates me,
and when i am gone again you will know–
we are nothing if not these moments, our desires;
we will last as long as we allow
and it will be long yet before i stop wanting you.


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