leave me my denial

let us not speak in nevers
as thunder asserts itself beyond
this window and the room washes in greens
and grays, speak not of forevers in definites–
only the finite nature of this punishment
which no crime required, please baby,
say nothing of not and don’t ever anymore

remind me of nothing indicative
that i may not know the unreality of your softness
or rough thumbs between my teeth,
the uncomfortable force of your hand atop mine
between your thighs or the violence
with which you claimed me those times

speak not of entombing my flesh inside forever
without the blackness of your gaze alighting its nerves
and fibers. i don’t want to hear anymore,
please don’t speak, only cover my mouth
and cover my body with yours, bury me
and push me out into quiet ecstasy
one more time


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