the priest and the parishioner

after showering this morning
i creep half naked into bed with you
and rest my face against your skin
to take the measure of my body heat’s legacy;

i press my lips to the length of your thigh
beneath the blanket; i shut my eyes in reverie.
i trace the curl of your twitching fingers
(i smell so lovely on your skin!), i touch my lips
to each ridge of rib, sheathed in the color of oaks.

i speak the offering of my love
to the glimpse of your sleeping cock
which i catch uncovered by the blanket,
squeeze my eyes shut slowly in memory
and rest, momentarily;

after reflection passes
i lift myself over the planes of your side
to push my last lines into the languid curve
of your brown back, central point
to the still river that is you

and again i rest,
prayer ended.


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