mon corps chant ton nom

i am composed of trillions of atoms
and tonight my body performed its song
of you– its vibrating symphony humming,
humming, humming your presence,
sighing your proximity, whispering
your existence. i was a mute chorus
of wanting you. every nerve and sinew
shivered with the exhilaration of passing messages
from brain to trembling limb, to fingertips
ecstatic to map your contours.

your skin, i have told you, is impossible,
and tonight my hands achieved that mission– my hands
cradled the great weight of you, caressed
so much satinlike glory, savored the tips
of your facial hair, smoothed your mustache
and swooned with the fullness of your lips.

i came home to find between my legs
a warmth as wet, as slick and fertile velvet
as the red night through which we rode,
all that rain reminding me of fantasies
i have not confessed. remembering
in the store how i moaned under my breath
looking at you– how i tensed in the car
as you fellated my finger– how i could have cried
watching your jet lashes shimmer in all that rainlight,
knowing you were awake with my desire beneath you
and how you unwittingly reduced my vocabulary
to oh god, oh god, oh please, oh yes
without touching me–

i will sleep hungry tonight,
wondering if in your bed
three turns, three streets and two doors away
you are starving, too, with me.


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