receive her king

tonight i want you;
i want to lure you and those let-me eyes
to the swirl of the blanket amid which
you have taken me so many times. i want
to swallow your kiss, to eat your moans

so i swell with you and with my longing. tonight
i want to dig the rolling fields of your back–
fuck finding china, i want to reach bone
and carve my full name there. your hands
know my hipbones and my lips know yours:
let us reacquaint them. let me pull you into me
as far as you’ll go, farther still– let me devour you
until i hold you whole and ubiquitous inside my skin.
i want to surround you and pull tight like the cords
on those lovely bags of crown, all that gold satin thread
and secrets. tattoo me with your teeth,

tell every tongue and fingertip that trespasses here:
this is my territory. i will be your continent to rule,
your raucous ocean, your mute and malleable earth
to till. i will be your lone tree, erect and proud
as the curious creature between your thighs.

tonight, i am calling out to you: here i am.
have me. i am waiting.


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