april 2009

don’t stop loving me.

stretch, limber limb,
with your train-track rail
unbending in the breeze;
extend, svelte shadow
and press your white palm into mine;

i will squeeze it tight,
i will promise not to let go.
i will follow you.

take me there:
bring me where darklings sway in dreams
to music composed by thunderstorms.

lead me there.
take me down,
coax me into the earth–to sleep,
to slumber, to rest silent and embedded
in the cold warmth of my mother’s womb

until eternity forces open my placenta
and breaks me free again,
beautiful like you



now we lay our heads to rest,
kept safe beneath this mantle gray
we stayed out far too long to play,
our mettle put to endless test

bright flowers rained about our heads
and wild winds whipped our downy hair
mother, my dearest, are you there,
come now to put us all to bed?

together at last, our eyes now closed
and over our heads fair mother prays
“though they have seen such lively days,
let not their fates be presupposed.”

we stayed out far too long to play,
and now we children rest in peace
in beds of softest cloudy fleece,
beneath this heavy mantle gray

a better lover

i’m getting better at keeping still as you walk away,
at not pleading with you through my eyes
not punctuating last words with wistful sighs-
at not betraying how I want you to stay.

i’m becoming adept at not whispering your name.
don’t worry, sweet love, i won’t cry.
my darling, my baby, don’t look so surprised-
two can play at this sort of game.

like prince and smoky rooms.

hush little scotty,
safe with your words
someday soon, i’ll set you free to soar with the birds
and if that cliche don’t stick,
i’ll give you a moonbeam to beat it with –

(higher, higher, up we go)

close your eyes, scotty,
it’s okay
i won’t leave you behind;
i won’t go away.

(promise that i won’t say no)

rest, little scotty,
the moon grows mute,
for she loves your voice, too
for its brimstone and soot.

(we’re like the river now, see us flow.)

sleep, little scotty,
swathed in sound
promise this time you won’t come down