august 2009

lovely bones

fingertips pressed featherlight here
on these curves: sweeping curves, sharp curves,
car accident on stormy night curves–
taut beneath butter golden nut-brown
skin-sheath curves,
these subtle white wings spread
ready to birth– to breathe life into wordshandsmouths,
such power! in these curves.
and fingertips, tracing these subtle white-wing,
these sheathed, these life-giving powerful curves,
they flutter so faintly and in one breath–

these curves are lines and
my story rests upon them



you are
the sticky thick heat of
southern summer night; you are

the heavy velvet dark sky
and the breath of stars
scattered thereon;

you are the distant wink
of someone else’s dawn, you are
the low ripe glowing moon–

you are
smoke and silk swathing skin
in dark rooms and opium dens
you are steam over baths
burning skin in your wake,
the first kiss of cool
on the other side of the bathroom door– you are —

a first kiss,
the first taste,
a final caress, you are
every goodbye never spoken,
and every hello whispered
across valleys of pillow and memory–
you are