january 2006


i want Attention
give it to me please
if cancer is the mode de vie
i want that fair disease.

I want Attention
morning, noon and night–
No matter that I shrink from you
in blatant frigid fright.

Let me be the rapist,
the victim nightly seen
through darkened window
stifling my special darkened screams.

Beat me with your whip instead;
I can bear it better.
His back is only bruised– but mine–
mine can bleed the wetter.

I want Attention
give it to me now
open hazel eyes and call me
bastard, whore, a cow.

Why should other children
have the sweetest of the gifts?
Give me myriad issues
to simmer and to sift.

Show me hell on earth, my love;
shoot me through with lies.
Never speak to me again
and not look in my eyes.

I want to hurt like you do.
I want your secret drug.
I want the endless masters
with their cruel grins so smug.

I want attention!
Give it to me, please.
I want it even if I’ve got to
crawl upon my knees.

(and i whisper)

I want attention.
Nothing can compare
to knowing when you look this way
you see me standing there.

(don’t let me be invisible anymore.)