june 2008

finding the best way to fall

and so we lay here,
swaddled in white cotton and cream:

your fingertips

my face

my lips,

my fingertips,

your sensual mouth

your shoulder.

& trembling;
& smile;
& caress.
no questions. no comments. cash on delivery. we’re a single package
wrapped in mocha vanilla paper,
the gift of Christmas in June.
and so eagerly we unwrap ourselves! and fade into one another: blurlines;

i am laughing: you ADD fucker.
you are laughing: you cynic.
kiss me.
hold me.
love me.
I think you do;


one more kiss?

i want cookies.

me too…

…oh, yes. mm.

humming in one another (your blue veins)



we’re a two-man band, let’s hit the road together.


meeting of the minds

someday, I said,
i want to meet you.
i want to find you in the middle of a crowded empty coffee shop sidewalk,
and write on your hands;

we’ll sit at a little table with french iron lacework
with our little cups of sophistication and knowledge,
discuss politics (yawn) philosophy (huh?), the meaning of life even.

and you’ll give me lollipops–
(lots of lollipops?– yes)
My tongue will change colors– fifty different colors!
I’ll speak rainbows for days
instead of goodbye,

and you’ll part from me with memories of blue trailing from your violet thoughts
while red and yellow trade places with green between your palms
as you squeeze orange through your fingers

(our thoughts are peculiar ribbons of indigo)