march 2009


each text,
each random encounter
and flushed-faced smile,
each trembling minute of your fingers
curiously traipsing through the jungle
that is my hair these days–

the heavier this gets,
the closer i come to falling apart
from wanting you.



i would gasp sharply
and spring (all choked lungs and trembling limbs)
from my bed
in the horrible certainty that i am dreaming,

if the touch of your lips to my skin were not so feverishly real

open arms

where the world ends
in blurred lines and midnight fading into black-
take me into your brutal embrace:
crush me down
and carry me away.

i promise not to try and swim.



now i lift my arms,
rise on tiptoe
open my mouth,
and sounds so low

as to go unheard
will tumble forth;
such music as will belie my worth

to humankind.
just one step more–
cold sand whispers of the shore

‘pon which i now stand,
and take my breath:
one foot forward
right, then left,

till all at once,
over my head
the blanket of the sea is spread

so now i lay me down to sleep
and all my secrets mine to keep,



need to close my eyes, just

your fingers
one by one, carving themselves
in the spaces between my own,
wrapped careful and squeezed tightly:

we do not realize the promise in this gesture
until it is broken.


donde el mundo termina

dear mother,
wide open where the world ends:

lay me down on your breast,
close my tired eyes,
and carry me home.


hold on. stay inside.

like blades,
honed to perfection
on the edge of my tongue-

on hair triggers these words discharge,
neat poison barbs impaling (with a precision my graceless nature could never hope to emulate) hearts;

minutes later,
i am left to wade a sea of corpses i did not mean to fill